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About Us

by admin

Gildshire Collection of Magazines is the New Age digital magazine stand, informative, educational and fun. Our magazines aim to be in this digital world what the corner magazine stand has been since the inception of print media.

The variety of content is aimed at those who have a curious mind and want to continually learn about the world around us, while also being entertained.

Our original content entices dialogue about what matters, and provides a beautiful escape that inspires and motivates.

Magazines shape our lives, telling us what to wear, what to eat, what to think about ourselves and the world around us

“Embrace the resilience driven by passion,
no setback or failure should get you down in the pursuit of success.”

Gabriela Golumbovici

Founder of Gildshire Magazines

Gabriela is an entrepreneur with a passion for media. She had lived in six countries on four continents. Gabriela has a Bachelors in Finance and Economics, a Master of Science in Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise, and an MBA. She has worked in finance, marketing and academia.